Day 12

The ICEM conference.

The  ICEM conference was held today. This is a very important day for the cuban alumni. Here talks and lectures, on topics such as logistic, applied mathematics and information systems were presented by alumni and professors. 

Incubator demo day

Simultaneously, the incubator had its demo day. The incubator is a co-operation between the Humboldt University Berlin and the University of Havana, its an entrepreneurial exchange of mentoring, know how and technology. The incubator is located on the 12 floor, in the economics faculty of the University Havana. Students and professors from all fields of the university of Havana can go and present their Entrepreneurial venture ideas here. Once they have done this the incubator helps them draw up a business plan and mentors them on how to go about realising their business. 
This year the incubator presented itself, and 4 groups pitched their business ideas to cuban political officials and potential investors.

It was a very emotional day as the cuban students of the incubator had worked very hard all year round for this day.

The course panel data posing for a last group photo.

In the evening there was the closing event of the ISSEM. It was held at the beautiful venue Casa de Amistad. Pictures were projected and stories of the last week were recalled. Students and professors talked about their time here in Cuba. Reflections and retrospectives were recalled. 
After that everybody headed to the Malecon, one last time. Professor Burda stringed some tunes on a guitar. Everybody sang along and the atmosphere was very warm and friendly. People were hugging eachother, and I could tell that friendships had been made that will last for many years to come.

“We all live on a yellow submarine…”

Cuban Music of the Future

I am the kind of person that listens to all kinds of music. Growing up my father told me all the stories of his time through songs and instruments of his generation. I believe strongly that music is something that can give people a feel for how things are or were in a certain place and time.

I made a playlist of the musicians that have to be “known”  in 2016, according to the Fader. I compiled a playlist, so that you guys are also in the know of what artists are hot and popping in Cuba. If you enjoy the music , give the artists a follow on Soundcloud and support them. This is the perfect playlist to listen to on your way to Cuba or just in the Ubahn.

My personal favorite on the list is the Dj and producer Wichy de Vedado and Dj Jigüe. Comment below who you found interesting , or who your favorite cuban musician is. Would love to hear from you.

Here is the link to the article by The Fader :